These kinds of healthy foods make your exercise results in vain!


Everybody says thirty percent practice seventy percent eat.

On the surface, it means that fitness people should pay attention to what they eat. On the inside, it means that the only thing they can eat is white poached eggs and chicken breast with little flavor 

In fact, many fitness professionals are making their own nutritious meals, combining individual nutritious foods to complete a delicious and nutritious meal.

But did you know that many seemingly healthy foods do not help your health in the slightest, and it will ruin the results of your exercises you just completed!



Diet Drink

Processed sugar lacks nutrients and can easily cause fat accumulation.

In addition to high calories, the sugar in low-sugar beverages should not be underestimated. Too much sugar is useless to the body, and it is easy to form sugar addiction. Excessive blood sugar fluctuations can also threaten health.



The vast majorities of people are not very wary of pottage, and feel that it resembles a nutritious food.

Especially if you don’t slowly make it yourself with ingredients, but the soup you drink at a fast food store or breakfast shop, then these so-called pottage are not healthy because many of them are processed heavily and contain a lot of sodium.


Sports Beverage

Unless your exercise training is very long and intense, you don’t actually need to drink sports drinks.

Because a bottle of electrolyte-enhancing beverages usually contains dozens of grams of sugar, athletes usually only drink plain water, and then other foods or beverages to supplement the required energy.  


Nutrition Bar

Nutrition bars are not nutritious at all. In fact, they are using high calories to help you build muscle, and some are providing high-sugar foods, such as nuts and chocolate.

Therefore, if you do not do some super weight training, it is actually very easy to gain weight.


White Bread

White bread, like rice noodles, is not an ideal fitness food because they have lost a lot of nutrients and fiber after multiple processing procedures.

Excessive intake of these types of foods can cause increased insulin and weight gain. It is recommended to eat some whole grain foods.



Many food-conscious people prefer sandwiches. After all, they don’t look greasy or salty, and they have a lot of vegetables.

But don’t forget, a lot of cheese, ham, and other sauces are usually added to the sandwich. These things contain a lot of salt and nitrate to keep them fresh and have a decent color. In addition to increasing calories, it also increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.



Originally, oatmeal is a very healthy food because it contains a lot of fiber. But now the oatmeal on the market has added a lot of sugar and fat. If you are not careful, you will consume too much calories. 



Alcohol slows down the speed of muscle repair and reduces the ability to use skeletal muscles, resulting in reduced strength and explosive power. At the same time it is also a diuretic, which will keep you in a dehydrated state.

In addition, studies have pointed out that alcohol can reduce the immune system, slow down the body's ability to recover, and increase the risk of illness or injury for athletes. Including the so-called health wine, which is actually wine.

The next time you buy healthy foods, remember to take a good look at the nutrition facts list. You should also be careful when you DIY.

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