Product list

  • Rower - HSR005

    Rower - HSR005

    HSR005 ROW Multiple Training Machine belongs to the HI-ULTRA sub-brand of Impulse. HI-ULTRA is professional high-intensity interval training equipment specially developed by our company for the needs of HIIT sports. Adhering to the training concept of HIIT, it helps trainers to achieve high-efficiency and extreme cardiopulmonary abilities and impact speeds, thereby obtaining explosive running capabilities and cardiorespiratory endurance. HIIT is the abbreviation of High-intensity Interval Tr...
  • Ultra Bike - HB005

    Ultra Bike - HB005

    HB005 air bike is a member of HI-ULTRA family which is specifically designed fitness equipment, catering to users looking for professional HIIT training. It has come back in fashion with features of high watt power outputs and ease of use. It also enables user to do compound training which involving multi-joints. Thanks to Crossfit that often incorporate it as a way to improve metabolic conditioning. The HI-ULTRA is a professional high-intensity intermittent training equipment series special...