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Production Capability


Quality Assurance

To ensure the prolonged service life, all products have gone through the fatigue test and durability test of almost 250,000 times (which is higher than 100,000 times that EN957 regulated).

Impulse will take first article inspection, spot check and final quality controls throughout the whole process of production, including bending, punching, welding as well as some other key processes, ensuring the perfection from component details to overall services.

All literal data and images from production process are recorded. The customer can use serial number to trace back the production data of any single equipment.

To ensure the stability, the products were tested against tumbling according to the average weight of the human body which greatly improved users safety.

Advanced Manufacture

Impulse adheres to the systematic and overall strategic production objectives, focuses on the integrated and intensive production pattern, and focuses on the small details of effective support and rapid response.

Advanced equipment ensures better production technology and quality, less assembly error, can meet the various needs of customers.

Automatic Production

The company is equipped with 3D Laser Cutting Machine, 3D Automatic Bending Machine, High-precision Machining Equipment, Automatic Water Cutting Equipment, Product Quality Online Monitoring Equipment and other advanced processing equipment.

Production Equipment
Welded Pipe Mill Tube Forming Equipment CNC Lathe Energy Generating Equipment
Slitting Machine Punching Machine Drilling Machine Torsion Testing Device
110 Welding Machine Open-type Fixed Station Punching Machine CNC Multifunctional Milling Machine Universal Testing Machine
50 Welding Machine Oil Press Machine Machining Centers Electric Heat Preservation & Drying Box
601 Welding Machine Punching Equipment CNC Milling Machine Energy Dispersive X-Fluorescence Spectrometer
165 Welding Machine Semiautomatic Welding Machine Facing Machine Hydraulic Testing Device
Tubulation Production Line Welding Machine Flat Grinder 3D Coordinate Measure Machine
Automatic Cutting Machine Multifunctional Welding Robot Centerless Grinder Intelligent Electroplating Thickness Gauge
Metal Circular Sawing Machine FANUC Robotic System Cylindrical Grinder High-low Temperature Testing Chamber
Automatic Circular Sawing Machine Welding Robotic System Double-ended CNC Lathe Climate Simulation Colour Fastness Testing Device
Automatic Band Sawing Machine Cutting Butt Welding Machine Inclined CNC Lathe Salt-fog Cabinet
Laser Cutting Machine Butt Welding Machine CNC High Pressure Water Cutting Machine
3D Laser Cutting Machine TIG Arc Welding Machine Machining Equipment
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Shear Welding Machine Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting Machine AC Spot Welding Machine Screw Compressor
3D Bending Machine Welding Equipment Compressor
Bending Machine Electrostatic Coating Production Line Oil Burning Boiler
Hydraulic Bending Machine Foaming Production Line 10T Crane
Three-roller Bending Roll Machine Tubulation Pretreatment Production Line 5T Crane
Double-ended Contracted Pipe Machine Assembly Line 3T Crane
Cold-drawing Tube Drawing Machine Coating Equipment 2T Crane
CNC Roll Bending Machine Center Lathe

Visual Production Site

In - process sequential production, high degree of sequential flow; Materials can be found in an orderly manner.

Informatization Production Site

In the assembly of finished products, electronic console from painting to packaging was established to display the order of rotation and the status of material supply and spare parts in real time, which improved the production efficiency and ensured the timely delivery rate of customers' products.

Product Quality Monitoring

From product concept to molding output, there are many procedures including first piece inspection, sampling inspection and finished product assembly inspection, including bending, punching, welding and other key procedures to ensure that the product from parts details to the overall service is perfect.

Finished Products Inspection

Impulse has an independent comprehensive laboratory for product testing, based on EN957, ASTM and other related standards, which can implement the whole process of product quality control.

Impulse comprehensive testing laboratory now has the ability to test all kinds of fitness equipment, including stability, static load, dynamic load, life test, electrical performance test. In addition to the test of the whole machine, it also has the ability to measure the precision size of conventional parts, tensile pressure test, hardness, coating thickness, coating adhesion, magnetic control torque and other test capabilities.

Moreover, Impulse will also test key components, including cable fatigue test, high and low temperature test of external contact parts, friction resistance test of handrail mask and so on.

Laboratory Testing Equipment

Coating Adhesion Testing Instrument COD Instrument
Coating Impactor Safety Regulation Comprehensive Testing Instrument
Salt-fog Cabinet Vibration Meter
Energy Dispersive X-Fluorescence Spectrometer Package Dropping Tester
Intelligent Electroplating Thickness Gauge Simulated Transport Vibration Testing Machine
Electrolytic Thickness Gauge Packing Stacking Machine
Universal Testing Machine Hydraulic Testing Device
Metal Rockwell Hardness Tester Variable-frequency Power Source
Brinell Hardness Gauge Torsion Testing Device
Surface Hardness Tester Power Tester
High-low Temperature Testing Chamber Treadmill Fatigue Tester
Climate Simulation Colour Fastness Testing Device Recumbent Working Life Tester
Coating Friction Resistance Testing Machine Cardio Product Testing Platform
RCA Paper Tape Abrasion Tester Dynamic Balance Tester
Electrical Parameters Fatigue Vibrator
3D Coordinate Measure Machine Air Compressor Unit
Furnace Temperature Tracking Instrument

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