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  • Smith Machine - IT7001B

    Smith Machine - IT7001B

    IT7001B Smith machine is a multi-functional comprehensive training rack, suitable for the training of multiple movements of chest, shoulders, back and legs. The flexible barbell frame hook and multi-position perforation can meet the needs of any different starting positions during the training process and improve the safety factor. With the adjustable training chair, the IT7001B’s slightly inclined fixed track guide rails are more perfectly matched to the movement tracks of the upper, m...
  • Seated Preacher Curl - IT7002B

    Seated Preacher Curl - IT7002B

    IT7002B Seated Preacher Curl is equipment used for isolated training of upper limb biceps. The user enters the device and starts training in a sitting position. The seat cushion is made of monochromatic high-density foam material, which is comfortable and durable. The bottom is equipped with a flexible and convenient push-type adjustment handle. The user can adjust it at any time to meet the needs of trainers of different heights while ensuring comfort. The wide and thick two-way elbow cushio...
  • AB Bench - IT7003E

    AB Bench - IT7003E

    IT7003E abdominal muscle training chair is a device used to train the abdominal muscles, such as rectus abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique, transversus abdominis, etc. The user uses the device in a lying position, holds the top of the grip with both hands, and performs abdominal curling exercises. The grip adopts an artificially designed non-slip and durable handle, which makes the grip and arm placement more comfortable. It avoids the damage to the cervical spine caused by excessi...
  • Stretch - IT7004B

    Stretch - IT7004B

    IT7004B stretch machine is a special device to help exercisers stretch their muscles after training. The equipment adopts thickened seat cushion, leg pads and rollers to provide better comfort. The multi-position ergonomic design is comfortable, non-slip and durable grips and straps to meet the needs of users with different flexibility. The combination of cushions, rollers, leg cushions, and foot pedals provides multi-position stretching options, which users can use the device stretches a ser...
  • Seated Calf Raise - IT7005C

    Seated Calf Raise - IT7005C

    IT7005C Seated Calf Raise Machine is a training machine for calf gastrocnemius and soleus muscle. The ergonomically designed sitting posture and cushions can provide users with maximum comfort. The multi-position cushion adjustment of the legs can meet the needs of users of different heights. The thickened seat cushion provides good support without losing comfort. The grip of non-slip material is durable while providing a good grip for the user. The steel pedals with anti-slip lines provide u...
  • Leg Press/Hack Squat - IT7006C

    Leg Press/Hack Squat - IT7006C

    IT7006C Leg Press/Hack Squat dual-function Machine is equipment for exercising quadriceps, gluteus maximus, biceps femoris and hamstring muscles. This equipment can meet the needs of two lower limb hip and leg training exercises, 45-degree inverted kick and Hack squat. The double safety limit handles provided on both sides of the instrument can offer users with more effective safety protection measures. The adjustable steel plate with anti-slip lines at the bottom serves as a footrest to prov...
  • Multi Hyperextension - IT7007C

    Multi Hyperextension - IT7007C

    IT7007C Multi Hyperextension is a training equipment for the core muscles of the lower back, mainly for erector spinae, multifidus, gluteus maximus and hamstrings. The thick L-shaped cushions and rollers provide good support and comfort for the user during exercise. The support cushion can be adjusted in two directions, the inclination of leaning and the height of the cushion can be adjusted to meet the needs of users of different heights. The widened and enlarged rubber foot pedal has an L-s...
  • Flat Bench - IT7009B

    Flat Bench - IT7009B

    IT7009B is a flat bench for assisting dumbbell training. The widened and thickened cushion provides good support for the user. The widened cushion at the waist and hip provides the user with good comfort, while the shoulders and backs are slightly retracted. Let the user’s shoulders provide a certain amount of movement space when pushing the chest. There is an extra leather cover on the head of the cushion to prevent abrasion of the cushion and easy to replace, comfortable and beautiful...
  • Vertical Knee Raise - IT7010E

    Vertical Knee Raise - IT7010E

    IT7010E Vertical Knee Raise is a muscle device for exercising the core strength area of ​​the abdominal muscles. The thickened ergonomically designed arm pads and handles tilt inward to provide users with sufficient support and comfort. The horizontal grip designed for the flexion and extension of the parallel bars enriches the training diversity of the equipment. The inclined cushion provides sufficient support while allowing users to have a better sense of exertion. The instrument adopts a ...
  • Chin-Up Option - IT7010EOPT

    Chin-Up Option - IT7010EOPT

    IT7010EOPT is a Chin-up and Dip accessory. With the vertical knee raise body, it can provide users with more various training actions, such as vertical knee raise and pull-ups. The angle and material of the grip conform to the ergonomic design and provide sufficient comfort for the user. The head cushion protects the user’s head and neck. IT7 strength training series as the current product line of Impulse with a long history still holds a place in the field of commercial fitness and eve...
  • Multi-Adjustable Bench - IT7011C

    Multi-Adjustable Bench - IT7011C

    The IT7011C Multi-adjustable Training Bench is an upgraded version of the supine training chair. The cushions can be adjusted. The multi-angle gear adjustment can meet the basic needs of the flat bench while also satisfying more other usage scenarios. The latch-type adjustment mechanism keeps the stability during use while facilitating the user to quickly adjust the seat. The widened and thickened cushion provides good support for the user. The widened cushion at the waist and hip provides th...
  • Dumbbell Rack - IT7012B

    Dumbbell Rack - IT7012B

    The IT7012B limit dumbbell rack is a shelf for storing dumbbells. The crescent-shaped frame support design can effectively prevent dumbbells from rolling and ensure safety during storage. It is also suitable for dumbbells of different sizes and weights, and uses cushioning materials with sufficient rigidity to prevent picking up. Bump when you put it. The 30° inclination angle of the bracket is convenient for users to pick and place. The three-layer staggered storage rack design allows more d...
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