• ​Reunion with 2022 German FIBO Expo, Impulse Shows Brand Power

    ​Reunion with 2022 German FIBO Expo, Impulse Shows Brand Power

    2022 FIBO EXPO opened on April 7th at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Cologne, Germany. As the world's largest world trade event for fitness, health and wellness, its opening has promoted the reunion of the global fitness industry, and is a...
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  • Impulse Fitness sports equipment appeared in the Winter Olympics

    Impulse Fitness sports equipment appeared in the Winter Olympics

    The world-renowned Winter Olympics are in full swing, the wonderful events attract all the attention on the scene and in front of the screen. A few days ago, Impulse Fitness received a set of videos from our Russian friend, excitedly telling us that they saw Impulse’s eq...
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  • Impulse HSP Air Resistance Training Machine

    Impulse HSP Air Resistance Training Machine

    The Impulse HSP professional physical training equipment is a perfect solution of multiple and customized functional training needs. It is designed to improve explosive power, endurance, speed, agility and dynamic balance. It can meet different requirements of professional athletes, sports teams,...
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  • Fitness Tips From Impulse

    Fitness Tips From Impulse

    I'm on a strict diet every day. I only drink water instead of soda Why I am still gaining weight? There is no natural fat body; it's just that you misbelieve something. 1 Eating less will speed up fat burning This method can only see a certain effect in a...
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  • You can lose weight by running, why do you still need to do strength training?

    Many people usually have a question: If you can lose weight by running, why go to the gym to get strength training? According to incomplete statistics from the editor, most girls desire tight and curvilinear figures, hip, and firm abs. The body that most boys desire is w...
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  • Is the higher the difficulty of exercise, the better?

    Before reading this article, I'd like to start with a few questions: Does the longer you exercise, the better your weight loss? Is fitness more effective the more tired you are? Do you have to train every day as a sports expert? In sports, the ...
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  • These kinds of healthy foods make your exercise results in vain!

    Everybody says thirty percent practice seventy percent eat. On the surface, it means that fitness people should pay attention to what they eat. On the inside, it means that the only thing they can eat is white poached eggs and chicken breast wi...
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  • Fitness Goddess became Impulse’s first Product Experience Officer

    The China Sport Show is the only national level, internationalized, and professional sporting goods exhibition in China. It is currently the largest and most authoritative sporting goods event in the Asia-Pacific region and an important window for Chinese sports brands t...
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  • 2021 China Sport Show

    Focusing on the China Sport Expo, Impulse signs the world-renowned female fitness champion athlete Ruiying Bian as the "Product Experience Officer" On May 19th 2021, the 39th China Sport Show (hereinafter referred to as "Expo") kicked off at the Nat...
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  • Invitation Letter – 2021 China Sport Show

    Invitation Letter May 19-22, 2021 China Sport Show (Hereinafter referred to as "Expo") Will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center Then Impulse brings star products invites you to a fitness feast This year’s Expo Impulse holding hands with ‘F...
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  • Impulse Invites You To Battle In The China Fitness Competition!

      It's here, the 2021 China Fitness Competition is here! 2021 China Fitness Competition The first race of the 2021 CFC China Fitness Competition will be held on May 15-16 at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. As the official stra...
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  • Be Careful! Excessive Training May Cause Damage to the Body!!

    Many people have a misunderstanding about fitness. They think that exercising to exhaustion can produce the greatest stimulation and effect on the muscles. Instead of stopping to give the body a break, but thinking that "people's potential is forced out", and then gritte...
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