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Design Concept


For the User

Exquisite manufacturing technique based on the ergonomic research to expose the value of every product detail with humanism.

People oriented

The oval handle grip is designed to perfectly fit the palm shape. TPU material can make user feel more comfortable while holding with proper friction. Aluminum stopper is more safe and created artistic looking.

All visible pads have rear cover to improve protection and appearance. The pad angle is designed to conform to human physiological structure and the rules of exercise.

The use of 3D training instruction is more vivid. The main muscle groups and auxiliary muscle groups can be trained are distinguished by color, so that the target muscle group is more clear.

The positions of the cup holder and the storage rack are large enough for tablet and easy to reach.

Multiple handle positions provide different training experience for users.

Turning point is indicated clearly which allows users to find the correct training position.

Safety First

Improper movement curve and low quality material not only bring bad user experience, but also have high risk of injury.

Impulse is always people oriented and advocates using environment friendly material. Ergonomic designed equipments can guide user to train with correct position to prevent injury at the same time as bringing comfortable excise experience.

For this reason, every piece of Impulse product is beyond standard expectation.


For the Proprietor

The durable product design reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and greatly enhanced the comprehensive value of the product. The large and efficient after-sales service network makes easier decision of purchasing.

Stable and Reliable

Core parts have been subjected to 2000 hours of rigorous simulation life test to ensure the equipment's long service life.

Economic Logistics

Lightweight: The outer box filled up with EPS (Expandable Polystyrene), honeycomb core as well as plate materials for better protection. Products are light packaged and easy to transport.

Compatible: Using IKEA flat packaging to minimize total size of package and helping to save costs of logistic and storage.

Protection: product packaging has passed drop test, vibration and stack tests, which reduces the risks of product damage in transportation and enable customers to get products in safe and intact.

Worry-free Maintenance

The product has convenient way to maintain which saves time and cost for operation.

Visual Aesthetics

Using international design language to meticulously build and adjust every product, turning it to artwork which highlights the owner's taste.

Entertainment and Intelligence

Integrating internet innovative technology, dynamically combining sports, entertainment, intelligence and social network to make users hardly tear themselves away from it.

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