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I'm on a strict diet every day. I only drink water instead of soda

Why I am still gaining weight?

There is no natural fat body; it's just that you misbelieve something.


Eating less will speed up fat burning

This method can only see a certain effect in a short time, and it will cause damage to the body for a long time.

Relevant scientific experiments have proved that if you consume less than 800 calories a day, your health will be threatened.


It is necessary to increase the amount of exercise on the basis of a healthy diet to ensure a scientific intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats. If you want to lose weight faster, you can try HIIT high-intensity interval exercise. Impulse Fitness HIIT training equipments can fully meet your needs, please click on the link for more details. 


Just want to lose fat in a specific part

"I just want to make the arms thinner", "I just want to make the lower abdomen flat"... But partial fat loss does not exist.


Sit-ups are not enough if you want to eliminate a fatty belly. All you need is full-body training. The same applies to other parts.


Aerobic exercise makes people thin, strength training makes people stronger

Many people think that strength training will make the body thick and full of muscles. In fact, it's not that easy to get fit.


If you want to lose weight while shaping, you must add more strength training in addition to aerobic training. As muscle mass increases, metabolism also increases.

Impulse Fitness has a full range of strength training product lines, which can meet all your strength training needs, please click the link for details.

Plan a systematic training method, focusing on compound and systemic strength training, with an appropriate amount of low-intensity aerobic and HIIT, and change the aerobic method every once in a while.


The more sweating, the faster fat consumption

The amount of sweat is related to the number of sweat glands an individual has and the amount of water stored in the body, rather than fat being burned off and turned into sweat.


 Stretching can make your legs slimmer

The main reason for the larger leg circumference is fat accumulation, and the method to reduce fat accumulation is to exercise regularly and control your diet. Stretching will not make your circumference smaller.


Stretching can soothe the muscles after the intense exercise and restore the muscles that are tight and shortened after the exercise to the most comfortable length. Therefore, although stretching after exercise cannot thin the legs, it will keep the muscles in their best condition.


 Cut out carbs while you're on a diet

Carbohydrates have been seen as the biggest enemies of weight loss for a long time, so during fat loss, many people avoid eating any carbs before or after exercise.


Don't be afraid to eat carbs before and after training. Their main purpose is to burn off energy, not to turn them into fat.

Eat more fiber and complex carbs, and cut out "bad" carbs like processed grains and white bread.

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