See you at FIBO Cologne in 2024

The FIBO Fitness and Bodybuilding Trade Show in Cologne, Germany, will officially open on April 11, 2024. Impulse will participate in the exhibition with a variety of fitness equipment products that incorporate cutting-edge design achievements and meticulous craftsmanship, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a lifestyle of wellness. This exhibition will serve as a platform for Impulse Fitness to demonstrate the confidence and strength of the Impulse brand to the world.

The FIBO exhibition in Germany is held annually and has been successfully conducted 33 times to date. Impulse first joined hands with the FIBO exhibition in 2003, and over the past 20+ years, it has made several appearances on this global stage, gathering with fitness professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

Flipping through old photos, the sight of those popular English Pace fitness equipment pieces is truly exhilarating. Many memories from past exhibitions come flooding back. Thus, we have selected ten old photos to share here, thinking you might enjoy them too.

Stepping out onto the international stage, “making friends” with FIBO.

Impulse has become a seasoned friend of FIBO in Germany over the past 20 years, exhibiting classic products such as the IT95 and FE series, which have been bestsellers for many years.

Joining hands with FIBO, Impulse has bravely stood on the international stage, seizing every opportunity to showcase its prowess alongside leading brands in the industry.

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Initially, Impulse primarily exhibited its strength products such as the IT93 and IE95 series. As the company’s strength and brand recognition increased, its booth size at FIBO expanded, along with an increasing variety of showcased products.

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The subsequent addition of aerobic fitness equipment like the R series and PT400 also began to catch the attention of the public. Impulse gradually transitioned from a follower to a leader, setting the industry trends.

In the spring of 2023, at this long-awaited international sports event, the Impulse exhibition area gathered friends from all over the world.

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There were industry professionals with firm confidence in the future of the fitness industry, buyers with clearer purchasing intentions, and fitness enthusiasts with a positive and proactive attitude towards life. Their commonality was their familiarity and knowledge of Impulse.

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“The sport knows no borders, many of my friends are loyal fans of Impulse,” said a Polish visitor at the exhibition, a sentiment that Impulse has remembered for a long time.

Continuing Friendships in 2024 and Experiencing Brand’s New Charm

As a pioneer in the industry, Impulse has also witnessed the changes of FIBO and the developments within the industry.

While Impulse has continued to grow, the FIBO has also welcomed an increasing number of Chinese brands.

On the global stage, Impulse continuously strengthens itself, consistently delivering higher quality products and services to customers.

On April 11, 2024, the FIBO exhibition will have a grand opening.

At this year’s exhibition, Impulse not only showcased innovative brand displays but also created seamless communication spaces.

Global visitors will also experience Impulse’s brand-new intelligent control platform, various strength equipment newly upgraded according to market demand, and light commercial aerobic products suitable for various scenarios…

Aligning with international standards is an important step in Impulse’s market strategy and a reflection of the company’s strength and brand confidence.

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By participating in international expos like FIBO, Impulse establishes deep emotional connections with global customers through its unique charm and innovation.

April 11th to 14th, local time
Booth A67, Hall 6
Impulse awaits your visit

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