Is the higher the difficulty of exercise, the better?


Before reading this article,

I'd like to start with a few questions:

Does the longer you exercise, the better your weight loss?

Is fitness more effective the more tired you are?

Do you have to train every day as a sports expert?

In sports, the higher the difficulty of the movement is better?

If you are in bad state, do you still have to do intense training?

Presumably, after reading these five questions, combined with your usual actions, an answer will appear in your heart. As a popular science article, I will also announce a relatively scientific answer for everyone.

You can refer to the comparison!


Q:Is the longer you exercise, the faster you lose weight?

A:Not necessarily. The exercise that can make you lose weight is not only about burning calories right now, but also continuing to increase your metabolism in the few days after it is cut off.

A combination of higher intensity and shorter time strength training combined with aerobic exercise for a certain period of time will be more helpful to achieve and maintain a low body fat rate.

Q:The more tired, the more effective?

A:While it's true that a few fitness athletes have jaw-dropping training methods and results, this never-ending approach is not for the general public who are looking to lose fat and keep fit.

Avoid overtraining, and when performing a movement, make sure the last movement is in place.

Q:Do I need to train every day?

A:People who can keep training every day must have a considerable degree of good health and good shape and living habits. However, if you cannot cope with high-intensity training in your daily life and force yourself to exercise every day, it may be difficult to produce good results.

If you are new to fitness, it is recommended that you try not to arrange for two consecutive days of weight training or any high-intensity training. Retraining every other day will give your body time to repair itself. Until you get used to the training, you can increase the reps when you are in good recovery.


Q:Is the higher the difficulty of the action, the better?

A:The pursuit of difficulty is not as good as the pursuit of movement accuracy. Only when the movement is accurate can the muscles be felt more effectively.

Really effective training is to start on the basis of correct operation, focusing on some basic training, such as squats, bench press and other exercises that are effective for most people is the right choice.

Q:Can I perform high-intensity training under fatigue?

A:If you are mentally sleepy today, but still bite the bullet and go to the gym to train, it will not help you.

Give yourself enough nutrition first, take a hot bath, and relax fully. Now what you need to do is not exercise, but sleep.

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