FIBO Extravaganza | Impulse Fitness Stuns with Impressive Highlights

On April 13, 2023, the FIBO Exhibition will take place in Cologne, Germany. Impulse Fitness has been invited to attend this prestigious event, showcasing our latest research and development achievements. Joining forces with sports enthusiasts from around the world, we will embark on this grand occasion together.

As a longstanding friend of FIBO, Impulse Fitness continues to captivate with its unique charm, providing a higher quality experience for global clients. Once again, we have garnered praise from industry professionals for our exceptional offerings.

At this year’s FIBO exhibition, Impulse Fitness has made a stunning appearance with its entire product lineup, including the latest research and development achievements. Our showcase includes the MS Functional Training Rack, XSC700 Stair Climber, classic series FE97, IT95, SL, as well as the newly released IFP series, offering a comprehensive range of products across multiple categories.

Mega Space provides professional, high-performance, and customizable RACK strength product solutions for strength and conditioning training facilities. The MS Functional Training Rack caters to the needs of athletic training centers, large-scale commercial clubs, and professional studios seeking specialized Olympic strength training equipment.

The XSC700 Stair Climber is a new addition to the X Series, developed by the Impulse Fitness’ research and development team in collaboration with American designers. This high-end commercial-grade cardiovascular product is designed to provide excellent stimulation for the cardiovascular system and lower body muscles. It offers an alternative to traditional running or climbing exercises, reducing joint impact and pressure on the lower limbs. Impulse Fitness aims to deliver a safer and more stable product to enhance the overall user experience for its customers.
Building upon its high-performance and durable features, the IT95 series from Impulse Fitness has been further enhanced to meet the demands of professional training. The upgraded products boast improved durability and a refined product structure.
The IT95 series offers a comprehensive product line with a sleek and attractive appearance. All models feature a double-shround design, incorporating robust steel tubes and precision welding. The overall design is not only fashionable but also ensures a greater sense of safety.
As the pandemic subsides, spring blooms anew. During the exhibition, face-to-face communication and hands-on experience have strengthened the close relationship between Impulse Fitness and global customers. Impulse Fitness will continue to create higher-quality fitness equipment for sports enthusiasts, catering to their passion for an active lifestyle.

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