Impulse HSP Air Resistance Training Machine

The Impulse HSP professional physical training equipment is a perfect solution of multiple and customized functional training needs. It is designed to improve explosive power, endurance, speed, agility and dynamic balance. It can meet different requirements of professional athletes, sports teams, physical training center and commercial gyms.
The Impulse HSP-PRO001 equipped with double training arms, the cable joint end can rotate 360 degrees with the change of force direction of the trainer, ensuring the comfort of the strength exertion and variable force direction need during the training process. Meanwhile, it can protect the cable and extend its service life. Depending on the height and movement of the trainer, the training arm can be adjusted in coronal plane (up and down) of 180 degrees at 13 gears. Unilateral horizontal level of both arms (front and rear) can be adjusted in 90 degrees, which is suitable for all heights and training type.
The Impulse HSP-PRO002 has a 50mm-2000mm single pulley track with 36 gears adjustment, and the angle of the pulley can be rotated with the change of the direction of the force, which meets all heights and training types of use, but also to protect the equipment and cable, extend the life of the role. Multiple HSP-PRO002 equipment can be designed as a training area to meet the needs of multi-functional training for single trainer or multi-group training.
Both HSP-PRO001 and 002 equipped with a 5 LED windows console can accurately display the resistance level, training times, peak power percentage and parameters, which are convenient for the user to always grasp the training information to scientifically arrange the training plan. The adjustment is accurate and convenient; it can adjust resistance at a minimum increment of 0.1kg with two buttons, giving user a better control over the functional training process.
Through the easy-to-understand training guidelines, users can quickly master the training methods of major muscle groups.

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