You can lose weight by running, why do you still need to do strength training?

Many people usually have a question: If you can lose weight by running, why go to the gym to get strength training?

According to incomplete statistics from the editor, most girls desire tight and curvilinear figures, hip, and firm abs.

The body that most boys desire is wide shoulders, thick chest and thick abdominal muscles, with clear and angular.


But these toned figures cannot be achieved by running alone. You have to hit the iron!


Why can't running and dieting make you a perfect figure?

  • § Diet and jogging will only make you a "easy fat physique"   

When you take a diet to lose weight, your calorie intake will decrease after a period of time and your weight will drop. But this will make your metabolic rate (BMR) lower and lower, to prevent you from losing more energy.

Once the diet is over, return to your usual calorie intake. Your BMR has dropped significantly, which means you're allowed to eat fewer calories than you did before the weight loss, which can lead to overeating and weight gain.

When you start losing weight by jogging four times a week, you will see significant results in the first week.

But as your body gets used to the way you burn energy, you hit what's called a plateau, and you'll need to run longer and longer to keep losing pounds.

  • § Running can’t get the shape you desire

There are three types of things that affect your body shape: skeleton, muscle and fat.

You can't change your skeleton, but you can change the ratio of muscle to fat in your body.

Increase your muscle mass and decrease your percentage of body fat. If you focus only on losing weight and not on building muscle, you will lose even your muscle mass.

Although you becomes thin, but the flesh on the body is not tight.

Strength training allows you to train muscles while losing fat. Increased metabolism can make fat burn faster.


  • § Strength training does not make you a muscle monster

Most girls don't want to touch strength training because they are worried about too muscular.

The formation of this type of muscle body requires continuous muscle training for years, supplemented by protein. So don't be afraid, normal strength training will only make girls healthier.


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