IFP1604 Prone Leg Curl


a) With auxiliary handle to ensure the stability of training movements

b) With high strength engineering plastic barbell tube protective cover.

c) With limiting mechanism to ensure the safety of the trainer.

d) With multi-stage FOAM adjustment, it can be adjusted into different angles to meet the needs of different people.


Product Tags

Model IFP1604
Product Name Prone Leg Curl
Serise IFP1
Picture  IFP1604.8109
 Time to Market
Delisting time
Security ISO20957
Certification /
Patent 2.01021E+11
Functional Information
Max User Weight 150kg
Applicable Height Range 155cm-195cm
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Monofunctional
Maximum load 150kg
Targeted Muscle Hamstring Muscles、Gastrocnemius Muscle
Targeted Body Part Legs
Product Features
Tube Specification – U Sction
Tube Specification – Function Part □50.0*100.0*2.5
Tube Specification – Connection Part □50.8*76.2*2.5
Tube Specification – Bottom Part □50.8*76.2*2.5
Tube Specification – Regulating Tube Part /
Tube Specification – Handle Tube Part φ25.2*2.5
Pedal /
Toner BG304-331
Optional Color
Standard Shroud
The Material of Standard Shroud
Optional Shroud
The Material of Optional Shroud
UPHOLSTERY COLORS Black + Patterned Leather + PVC
Optional Upholstery Color
Upholstery Stitching Black + Single stitches
Upholstery Stuffing Polymer+Foams
Upholstery Cover /
Plastic Color Black/Cold Gray/Yellow
Regulating Part Color /
Training Instruction /
Seat adjustment /
Seat adjustment range /
Back Cushion Adjustment /
Back Cushion Adjustment Range /
Leg Cushion Adjustment /
Leg Cushion Adjustment Range /
Foam Adjustment Draw-out Elastic Bolt + 16 level
Foam Adjustment Range 360°,22.5°
Thickness of Back Cushion 70mm
Leg Cushion Specification φ129*466
Transmission Belt /
Handle Bar Type Circular Tube Handle
Handle Bar Cover TPV(Aluminum baffle ring and aluminum head)
Main Pulley Size
Main Pulley Material
Guide Rod Specification
Guide Rod Material
Standardized Parts Medium Carbon Steel(8.12 grade、Zinc Plating-black)
Main Bearing GB2766205-2ZC3
Hook /
Barbell Plate Storage Bar No
Barbell Bar Diameter 50mm
Maximum Storage Weight of Single Barbell Plate Storage Bar /
Product Dimension 1623*1202*798mm
Net Weight 75.9kg
Gross Weight 81.5kg
Opt Weight Stack /
Weight Stack Size、Quantity /
Weight Stack Weight/Slice /
Number of Packages 1
Packaged Form Carton
Package Size and Weight 1115*885*290
40 HQ
40 GP 208

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