Incline Bench


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Model SL7029
Product Name Incline Bench
Serise SL
Certification EN957
Patent /
Resistance Plate Loaded
Multi-Function Multi-function
Collocation /
Targeted Muscle Pectoral,Triceps
Targeted Body Part Chest,Upper Limb
Pedal 660*410*18 Synthetic Rubber
Standard Shroud /
Plastic Color Black
Regulating Part Color Yellow
Pedal Assistor N/A
Cup Holder /
Hook /
Barbell Plate Storage Bar 4
Product Dimension 2059*1738*1496
Net Weight 58
Gross Weight 68
Opt Weight Stack /

The Impulse SL plate loaded strength training series is purely commercial plate loaded strength training equipment with top design and professional functions provided by Impulse. This series is the top-level hanging power product in the world, with super appearance, hardcore design, and ergonomic motion curve, bringing users the most hardcore strength training experience.

The Impulse SL line is a high quality commercial plate loaded series, which is easy to use and neat appearance. The user-friendly design makes working out more simple, efficient, comfortable and satisfying. The tubing thickness range from 2.5mm to 3mm with electro-welded to maximum integrity. 70mm pad thickness to ensure the user experience during the high weight training. The space efficient design ensures that the SL series requires minimal floor space, which can meet the height of the most clubs.

The SL7029 incline bench press training equipment is made of super-sized tubing, and each part is processed by multiple processes to ensure the equipment is durable. The overall structure is connected by multiple reinforcing connecting rods to ensure the stability of the instrument; all the floor pads at the bottom are equipped with large area rubber feet to increase the friction and contact area with the ground and improve the stability; the seats are filled with high-density padding, which conforms to the contour curve of the human body and provides stability and maximum comfort during exercise; the double-layer limit meets the training needs of users with different arm lengths, and the limit surface is wrapped by shock-resistant cushioning materials, effectively reducing The collision between the barbell and the equipment improves the service life of the equipment; the rear side is equipped with a large auxiliary pedal, and the surface of the auxiliary pedal is covered with non-slip material, allowing the trainer and auxiliary protection personnel to provide safe and effective protection for the user; the seat adjustment device at the bottom can adjust the body height to meet the training needs of users of different heights. The rear side of the equipment is equipped with 4 barbell storage hanging angles, which makes it easier and faster for users to access the barbell during training.

SL7029 is an exclusive product for training the upper pectoralis major, triceps, and deltoid anterior beams; excellent industrial design provides users with a safe and effective training experience.

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