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Model IF9320
Serise IF93
Security ISO20957GB17498-2008
Certification /
Patent 201420021570.4 201020631254.0
Resistance Selectorized
Multi-Function Multi-function
Targeted Muscle Lats,Pectoral,Tricep,Bicep
Targeted Body Part Back,Chest,Upper Limb
Pedal 329.6*130.0*20.0(PP)
Standard Shroud Single-side Half Surrounded
Plastic Color Light Grey
Regulating Part Color /
Pedal Assistor No
Hook /
Barbell Plate Storage Bar /
Product Dimension 1309*1256*2498mm
Net Weight 107kg
Gross Weight 121.5kg
Opt Weight Stack (160LBS/200LBS/235LBS/295LBS)

The specially designed IF9320 Weight Assisted Chin/Dip Combo is ideal for training latissimus dorsi, triceps, assisted to build biceps, deltoid and serratus anterior. User selects a appropriate weight, then to do pull-ups or triceps dip, which helps to train back muscles and arms. It is featuring with more handle bars which meets the demands of various users. Assisted foot support allows user to train from a standing position. It allows users to complete dual functional training including pull-ups and triceps dip.

These simple, clean-lines, selectorized series is Impulse Fitness specifically designed for entry level small clubs and institutional applications. It offers a complete functional package, is inexpensive to own and is easy to maintain. It matches up beautifully with the benches and racks of the IF line.

The upright tubing thickness of 2.5mm, and the functional parts with 50*100*2.5mm rectangular tube makes IF93 stronger and more powerful. The translucent shroud with ABS materials (optional full shroud) is endurable and wears resisting. The main plastic parts are made using injection molding that help to provide steady quality. The whole series are adopted with the equivalent cage height of 1530mm, which help to create a bright training environment of fitness club. The ergonomic seats cushion, chest and back pad are made of polymer materials. The specially designed pads have different angles, which meet various training requirements. Ergonomically designed handle bars are made of TPV materials, which make your garb more comfortable and safety. It combines with aluminum end cap reflecting high-end taste. The main frame is coated with materials that environmental friendly, which helps to improve products quality and provide with good scratching and corrosion resistance. Designed with stainless steel seat adjustment that provides a longer service life, made it easy to adjust and look beautiful. Moreover, all series equipped with specially designed cup holder is perfectly integrated with cage, making it simple and enerous.

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