Impulse 2018 China Sport Show New Products Fresh Release

This year, Impulse has exhibited a number of unique new products, professional and interesting, dexterous and efficient, breakthrough imagination, just to give you more inspiration!


The brand new product experience is about to start a new era of fitness. What surprises will be there for this year’s sport show of impulse?

H-Zone, Use finite space to create infinite possibilities

In recent years, a number of professional, personalized fitness clubs and private teaching studios aiming at small groups of people have emerged, and become popular among young consumers.

In response to the changes in the market, the company has developed a new H-Zone group function training station.

Impulse H-Zone can be used in the public gym, small fitness center, professional fitness studio and other places, is to achieve HIIT training, functional training and regular strength training modular combined train station.


Flexibility is Impulse H-Zone groups function training station’s most eye-catching features: a full range of products has four function modules, 5 optional external components and a storage module. Customers can combine and match different modules freely according to the size and requirements of the site.

Versatility is another feature of products: Impulse H-Zone design based on the RACK and HI-LOW module, the two highest utilization equipment has made the extension and innovation, improve the practicability and utilization; Three-dimensional space design ensures the maximum use of space; Multiple external optional components make the space have more extended functions and give users more diversified and flexible training options.

Impulse Intelligent Fitness Path – private coach in the community

When the traditional “fitness path” meets the high-tech “cloud” technology, the public outdoor fitness equipment ushered in the “cloud era”.

The smart fitness path of the second generation of Impulse has been launched to bring smart fitness to the nearest place where we live, so that more people can enjoy the new experience of smart fitness around their homes.


Based on years of technical research and development, design and manufacturing experience of fitness equipment and data accumulation of tens of millions of users’ feedback and after-sales maintenance, Impulse has built a smart fitness cloud service platform system.

the system not only provides networking, cloud platform, the remote control of the APP, the cloud data storage, user accounts and other hardware and software services, but also open device interconnection user groups, to help developers create really intelligent, can be exchanged, wide audience, high active intelligent products.



On the new “Impulse Intelligent Fitness Cloud Service Platform”, the intelligent hardware and software upgrade comprehensively, forming a new outdoor intelligent fitness solution.

This series of products use magnetic induction to realize the recording function of the frequency of equipment exercise, and display the energy consumption of the exercisers through cloud health algorithm.

User’s training data and the information of fitness equipment installation and maintenance can be uploaded through WeChat or APP to the Impulse Intelligent Fitness Cloud Service Platform, in order to implement information management and give personal fitness guidance to the users and also the equipments.

Impulse Artificial Rink - Allows You to Skate at All Seasons

With the successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and the promotion of the national strategy of “southern exhibition and western expansion” of the winter sports, China’s winter sports have developed rapidly. Traditional winter sports are subject to natural conditions. Artificial real rinks are expensive and have many restrictions.

But now it’s different. Whether it’s spring, winter or summer, whether you’re in the north or south, skating is easy to do.


Impulse Artificial Rink and Ski Simulators can break the constraints of season, field, time, and enjoying winter sports at anytime and anywhere.

Winter sports facilities’ operation and maintenance cost is low, even the installation site is flexible and convenient: no need for special buildings, power supply, and water supply in any indoor or outdoor. It can be installed on the flat ground for only a few hours.

Impulse Artificial Rink’s single board is nearly 3 square meters (1.2 m * 2.4 m), is currently the largest single board on the market of the simulation of ice, can reduce the splice joints, with unique 3D interlock splicing structure that can ensure that thousands of square meters surface smooth as a mirror, even up to 30 ℃ environment temperature difference, it won’t appear ice arch deformation phenomenon.

The Artificial ice layer is made of anti-uv material, with no discoloration or deformation on the surface and no pitting.

Daily cleaning is simple, no refrigeration required, no energy consumption; no professional technicians required.

There is no emission or pollution in the process of use, and it can be recycled and reused.

Speed skating, skating and ice hockey training, the equipment used is exactly the same as in a real ice rink, all basic ice exercise training can be performed. It feels extremely like the real ice and experience more comfortable and safe.

The surface of the plate is anti-glare matt treatment, not dazzling in the outdoor sunlight; The ICE BLUE color can protect the user’s vision


The products in this exhibition have been recognized and loved by professional trainer. Would you like to experience more different new fitness experiences? Come to the Impulse!


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