FGE300 Elliptical

The FG series, derived from FIT GEEK, encapsulates our target audience—individuals deeply passionate about fitness, dedicating time and effort to embrace scientific fitness principles and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Transitioning from the commercial to residential domain, the FG series adheres to its design philosophy of commercial-grade product quality and meeting the requirements of home fitness scenarios. It caters to the upscale home and light commercial markets.

The FGE300 represents a paradigm shift, featuring a completely new design and rich configurations for a high-end residential electric treadmill. While designed for the home environment, it also considers the needs of light commercial usage, inheriting the quality synonymous with Impulse Fitness commercial treadmills. This ensures seamless adaptability to light commercial environments, marking the FGE300 as a versatile choice.


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Convenient Fingertip Control System

Featuring both fixed and dynamic training dual-position handlebar design, allowing free selection of handlebar positions based on different training modes. The fixed handlebar position includes a resistance adjustment button for quick intensity customization.

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Concealed Capacitive Touch LED Mirror Screen

Featuring a concealed capacitive touch button design for responsive and pressure-free interactions, enhancing product longevity. The screen, in its powered-off state, seamlessly blends into a unified black mirror surface, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.

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Power-off State

250W Self-Generating Electromagnetic Resistance System + 32-Level Resistance Adjustment

① 250W Self-Generating Resistance System: Satisfy high-intensity training needs; the self-generating system is environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for external power sources, providing flexibility in placement without being constrained by power outlet locations.

② 32-Level Fine-tuned Resistance Levels: Precise resistance adjustment for smooth transitions, coupled with various training modes to meet diverse training requirements."

Foldable Design

① Easy Storage: The column adopts a foldable design, ensuring equipment strength and stability while allowing convenient folding for significantly reduced storage challenges in home use scenarios.

② Installation Convenience: The foldable column design simplifies installation, leaving only the head, upper handle, and a few plastic components to be additionally assembled, greatly reducing installation difficulty and enhancing convenience.

Ease of Maintenance

Featuring a concealed maintenance port design, simply open the hidden cover to access and maintain the core components, reducing maintenance costs.

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4 LED Windows+8*20 Matrix


12 Preset Programs,5 Custom Programs(U0~U4), 1 Constant Power Program,4 HR Programs,5 Target Programs(Time、Distance、Calories、Power、HR),1 HR Recovery Test

Console Readouts

Speed、RPM、Distance、Calories、Power、Time、Resistance Level、HR

Power Requirement



32 Levels Electromagnetic Resistance System ,250W


10.8kg( Self-generating Module )

Stride Length


Pedal Distance


Step-up Height


Sliding Rail


HR Monitor


Quick Button

6 Direct Resistance Selection Buttons + Fingertip Control System

Product Dimension


Packing Dimension


Max User Weight


Net Weight


Gross Weight



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