ES2100 Multi-Functional Trainer with Smith

Impulse Fitness ES2100 is designed to complement various training accessories such as barbells and benches, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises. With the option to choose different weight plates, you can customize your training intensity and progress at your own pace.

Safety is our top priority, which is why our equipment is equipped with a built-in locking mechanism to ensure the safety of the users during their workouts.

Our equipment is designed to be versatile, catering to the training needs of different individuals and targeting various muscle groups. With its multifunctional integration, you can enjoy a comprehensive training experience that meets the specific needs of your fitness goals.

Furthermore, our equipment offers the flexibility to incorporate a variety of attachments, providing you with even more exercise options and allowing for endless training variations.


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ERP Model ES2100 ES2000
ES2100 ES2000
Product Name Multi-Funtional Trainer with Smith Multi-Funtional Trainer with Smith(Plate Loaded)
Security ISO20957
Max User Weight 150kg 150kg
Applicable Height Range 155cm-195cm 155cm-195cm
Resistance Selectorized Plate Loaded
Functional Multi-function Multi-function
Maximum load 200kg 200kg
Targeted Muscle Biceps femoris, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, pectoralis major, triceps
Biceps, deltoids, etc.
Biceps femoris, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, pectoralis major, triceps
Biceps, deltoids, etc.
Targeted Body Part Upper limbs, chest, back, lower limbs, etc. Upper limbs, chest, back, lower limbs, etc.
Tube Specification – Function Part RT40*80*2 RT40*80*2
Tube Specification – Connection Part RT40*80*2 RT40*80*2
Tube Specification – Bottom Part RT50*100*2.5 RT50*100*2.5
Tube Specification – Regulating Tube Part □50*2
Tube Specification – Handle Tube Part φ32*2.5 φ32*2.5
Color Matte Black BG304-331
Silver Grey FM2918_001
Matte Black BG304-331
Silver Grey FM2918_001
Standard Shroud Full Shroud /
The Material of Standard Shroud  Acrylic
Optional Shroud Short Shroud
The Material of Optional Shroud  Acrylic
Plastic Color Grey Translucence Grey Translucence
Regulating Part Color Yellow Yellow
Training Instruction 2D Diagram 2D Diagram
Instruction QR Code N/A N/A
Transmission Cable Domestic Cable、φ5 Domestic Cable、φ5
Cable Transmission Ratio 1:2 1:2
Handle Bar Type Circular Tube Handle Circular Tube Handle
Main Pulley Size φ89 φ89
Main Pulley Material PA6+30%GF PA6+30%GF
Guide Rod Specification φ25*2.5,φ25 φ25*2.5,φ25
Guide Rod Material Hard Chromium Plating Hard Chromium Plating
Standardized Parts Q235A(8.8 Grade、Galvanization) Q235A(8.8 Grade、Galvanization)
Main Bearing Linear Bearing Linear Bearing
Barbell Plate Storage Bar 6 6
Barbell Bar Diameter φ450 φ450
Maximum Storage Weight of Single Barbell Plate Storage Bar 150kg 150kg
Number of Barbell Storage Bar 23 23
Product Dimension 1681*1720*2090mm 2007*1724*2126mm
Net Weight 100kg 38.2kg
Gross Weight 108.8kg 45.6kg
Number of Packages 1 2
Packaged Form Carton Carton
Package Size and Weight 2400*680*220
A Box: 2005*330*290
B Box: 800*650*150
40 GP 150 sets 234 sets

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