1.Use with MS01, MS02 rack.
2.There are 8 groups of weight plate storage units on the left and right sides, which fully meet the weight plate storage requirements.
3.Can be connected with MS11, MS12 and other functional modules
Expandable connection modules:
1.Connectable to MS23 Bumper Plate Storage Connector Between Rack
2.Connectable to MS24 Kettlebell Storage Connector Between Rack
3.Connectable to MS25 Ball Storage Connector Between Rack
4.Connectable to MS26 Dumbbell Storage Connector Between Rack
5.Connectable to MS15 Endless Rope Trainer
6.Connectable to MS11 LAT Pulldown/Vertical Row
7.Connectable to MS12 Functional Cable Pulley


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Product Dimension: 1790*609*2614(mm) 70.5*24.0*103.0(in)

Product Weight: 83.4kg/183.9lbs

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